Teaching Our Youth

"Stronger Teams Meeting Students' Needs"

Teaching Our Youth professional development focuses on meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of students through educational team-building, classroom behavior management facilitated with the Love and Logic ® skills, differentiated instruction, and parent enrichment. The combination of RtI (Response to Intervention) and PBS (Positive Behavior Support) provides effective strategies to improve both behavior and academic achievement.


Teaching Our Youth Addresses

Five Criteria for Effective Learning/Teaching


1) Describes Learning/Teaching in non judgmental ways.

2) Strengths Based

     Focusing on strengths nurtures growth

Focusing on weaknesses supports survival

3)  Discusses who is doing the learning and who is doing the teaching

We align to both teaching and learning

·   How is this child learning?

·   How are we teaching?

·   What are we teaching?

4)  Applies across all cultures, ages and genders.

5)  Provides a tool box of evidence based practices.


Our sessions are "easy to understand and simple to apply" allowing the participants immediate application of strategies that same day!

Our Mission
Our mission is to help people to understand themselves and others in order to build better teams and improve relationships in the classroom and at home. 
Our Passion
Our passion is to equip leaders, educators and parents with tools to create a better learning environment in order to improve communication, increase on-task instruction time and empower students to raise their achievement levels.

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