Teaching Our Youth

"Stronger Teams Meeting Students' Needs"

Comprehensive Culture and Climate Reform Program

Research has shown that a positive school climate can increase staff morale and retention, decrease referrals and violence and increase academic achievement. Positive interpersonal relationships and social interactions create an environment of safety, trust and mutual respect setting the tone for effective teaching and learning.

Ask yourself:

How would I describe the culture and climate at my school?

What are the core beliefs reflected in my culture?

What changes need to be made to create an environment that promotes a positive school climate meeting the social and emotional health of all students?

Reform Your Culture and Climate
Teaching Our Youth can assist in reforming your culture and climate to best meet the needs of staff, students and parents in your community. Through assessment, professional development, coaching and observation our comprehensive program will:

1) Develop a shared Vision for your culture and climate linked to student's emotional, social and academic success

2) Compile a needs assessment to meet the goals of the Vision

3) Formulate an Action Plan with Measures of Improvement to ensure progress

4) Identify best practice Professional Development strategies

5) Implement Action Plan of strategies to improve Culture and Climate

6) Review data from measures of improvement

7) Revise Action Plan as required
We will collaborate with staff, students, parents and community partners to create an educational experience where students can  feel safe, respected and engaged in a positive, supportive learning environment.