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Mark and Karen  are a husband and wife team. Their personality dynamics bring humor, insight, and practical application to all, both professionally and personally.
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 Karen Wagnon Founder & President
Teaching Our Youth

Since 1992, Karen has spoken to thousands of parents and educators sharing information and strategies on working with children and each other. She is the mother of 3 wonderful and challenging children, and a devoted wife to a loving, yet challenging husband as well.  Karen's passion and drive is to empower and equip educators and parents with the tools to improve communication, increase productivity, reduce stress and conflict with our children and each other.

As a Certified Human Behavior Specialist, Karen's energetic presentations, seminars and workshops will assist individuals in understanding their own behavior traits as well as those of others. Karen's goal is to build more effective teams within their organizations and improve relationships in their professional and personal life.

Teaching Our Youth's Mission Statement

"To help people to understand themselves and others in order to build better teams and improve relationships in the classroom and at home."

Mark Wagnon  Co-Founder and Vice-President
Teaching Our Youth

Mark Wagnon brings experience and know how to Personal, Executive and Corporate coaching. His business background includes ownership, senior level management, program marketing, sales training, product development and team building. He has successfully owned and managed customer-based retail businesses for 19 years. As a corporate and personal coach, Mark helps others to develop their vision into plans and strategies to achieve their goals. These consulting and coaching services increase productivity and balance in life.

After completing Certification and Advanced studies in Human Behavior Study courses with Dr. Robert A. Rohm and Personality Insights, Mark assisted in training, product, and marketing development as a staff member of The Personality Insights Professional Consulting Group. Mark provides workshops and seminars that are interactive, informative and fun.

Mark's commitment is to effectively communicate management and leadership techniques using personality and coaching resources.



Judy Bond    Associate Trainer
Teaching Our Youth

Judy Bond brings her experience and know-how to working with individual and team dynamics. Her business background includes senior level management experience in information technology and facilities services management for a large health insurance organization. Judy's experience includes the evaluation and implementation of numerous software packages in the areas of physician practice management, marketing, finance, payroll, and disaster recovery.

Management opportunities led to realization that being able to successfully communicate and work with all types of people was the key to success. This awareness led to the study of human behavior and sharing information with others about working with different types of people effectively based on their own style.

With more than ten years presenting business seminars and workshops, she has developed many strategies and applications in related fields. Prior to founding Bond Team, Inc., Judy Bond chaired the Diversity Council and co-developed and co-presented "Diversity 101: Making Our Differences Count".

While holding an MBA degree from DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management, Judy has successfully completed Basic and Advanced Certification in Human Behavior Study courses with Dr. Robert Rohm and the Insights Institute, Inc

Marcey Van Fossen     Associate Trainer
Teaching Our Youth


Marcey Van Fossen is an essential and a welcomed addition to the Teaching Our Youth team. She brings understanding and application in several areas that include classroom behavior management, differentiated instruction and leadership application.

Marcey holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. Her outstanding resume' is centered around understanding the challenges within the classroom, and compassion to encourage strategies to enable educators to excel. She will help narrow the achievement gap as our children benefit from RtI and PBS strategies in their learning communities.

With certifications and licenses in Education, Administration and Human Behavior, as well as years of classroom experience, we know her insights will be beneficial to all who are looking for areas to improve and ways to increase their effectiveness while reducing stress.

John Russell   Educator and Associate Trainer

Teaching Our Youth

John Russell brings 20+ years of teaching and coaching experience to the Teaching Our Youth Team. He has a unique style in guiding others to effective strategies, identifying their strengths and encouraging progress and cooperation in team dynamics.

John is proficient in Performance Excellence for All Kids, Discipline with Dignity, Differentiated Instruction. John serves in several leadership roles within the school in which he is an educator. John has served on committees such as RtI, RTP, contract negotiations, building representative and as the local president of his teachers’ association. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education as well as a Masters in Educational Leadership, he is currently working on a Specialist degree in Curriculum Development and Leadership.

Having an extensive career as a basketball and football coach, John has helped turn around programs with multiple losing seasons to become play-off contenders through communication, encouragement and positive strategies.


“I attribute my teaching and coaching success directly to my understanding of student’s personalities, motivations and talents.”