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Personality Labs
What is your unique personality blend? Did you know that you have a mixture of 4 major traits in your personality?
Try this short quiz to get an estimate of your strongest traits. Please note that this is NOT our full personality assessment - this is just a quiz. This quiz is only intended to estimate traits which may be prevalent in your personality style. We invite you to "experiment" with this free tool to get an idea about your personality style. Share this with a friend. 
Four Friends Find Fun is a colorful, beautifully illustrated 8.5 X 11 hardcover book. This best-selling children's book is designed to help parents and teachers introduce personality styles to young children. It is a tool to give parents and teachers better understanding into their children's personalities, so that they can relate more effectively. Children often recognize themselves in the characters. The children are mesmerized by all of the details in each illustration. The Reader's Guide at the end of the story will help parents and teachers start a dialog with their children about each personality style. You are encouraged to point out to children the fact that each of the four friends has different strengths and weaknesses. The book is intended to help children better understand themselves... as well as other children. Get your copy today.
The Dance of Interaction - A Guide to Managing Children's Challenging Behaviors by Jeanine Fitzgerald. As a licensed, professional therapist, her purpose for writing this book was simple - to share some child development theory and many experiences that will empower you to become an unforgettable, positive influence in the life of every child you touch, even those whose behaviors you find disturbing, frustrating or challenging. The power of influence in the lives of others cannot be measured in dollars and cents. It is measured in love. The Dance of Interaction gives you creative solutions to handle the challenging behaviors of children.

Parent Enrichment

 We will share insights and strategies to parents that have challenges with their relationships or looking to improve and encourage their students.

  • "Strategies to Increase Productivity at Home"
  • "Parenting the Styles"
  • "Parenting with Love and Logic"
  • "Roots of Under Achievement"  

"The only place 
where success
before work
is in the

Donald Kendall
 "Strategies to Increase Productivity at Home"
Solving the People Puzzle
1.5 Hours

This introduction to "Relationship Dynamics" for parents is a fun, informative, humorous look at our everyday human behavior. Understanding keys to the "People Puzzle" allows us to understand ourselves and our children in order to create better relationships, build self esteem, and increase academic achievement while reducing stress in the home.

Parents will be able to:

  • Learn about different personality types based on "pace" and "priority".
  • Identify parent's traits and expectations.
  • Identify child's personality/behavior traits.
  • Learn basic needs and motivational factors that influence behavior, decision making and communication styles.
  • Discover tips to meet needs in advance and reduce stress and conflict.

"Parenting with Love and Logic"
1.5 hours


Love means giving our children opportunities to be responsible and empower them to make their own decisions. Logic means allowing them to live with the natural consequences of their mistakes and showing empathy for the pain, disappointment and frustration they will experience. Based on the program developed by Jim Fay and Dr. Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Parents will be able to:

  • Avoid power struggles while setting limits with challenging kids.
  • Help end arguing and back talk.
  • Teach Character and Responsibility through the application of logical consequences instead of punishment.
  • Guide kids to solve their own problems.
  • Develop healthy ways to guide your child without resorting to anger, threats and power struggles. 
  • Help children grow from childhood through independent adolescence.

"Roots of Under-Achievement"
Causes and Lasting Solutions
1.5 hours

How can we motivate apathetic, under achieving students? In this session we will take a look at the causes and strategies to repair the thought process in the under achieving student to move them on to believing that they have what it takes to succeed.

Parents will be able to:

  • Understanding beliefs that shape achieving and under achieving behavior.
  • Four Steps to creating healthy beliefs about achievement.
  • Solutions and interventions to solve the under achievement problem.
  • Empower your students self esteem to believe they can succeed.
Parent Academy:

"Parenting the Styles"

 3 Hours

When we recognize the different personalities of our students, we can identify the "Strengths, Struggles and Strategies" of parenting the styles. Learn how to communicate, affirm and discipline in a way that will encourage our children to be their best. This practical session will assist in meeting the motivational needs of the different styles to raise productivity and reduce stress in the home.
Parents will be able to:
  • Recognize personality styles of the child.
  • Identify Strengths, Struggles and Strategies of parenting different styles.
  • Differentiate between potential ADD/ADHD behavior and personality/behavior traits.
  • Discover keys to your parenting success.
  • Increase learning potential by partnering with teachers to bridge the gap ensuring a successful educational experience.
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Better Relationships
Click on the above "Better Relationships" Sessions. This no cost, confidential series will give you insight into understanding you needs and the needs of others as you communicate them more effectively.