Parenting Program

A 90 Day Plan From Chaos To Confidence

Transform your parenting relationships with The Parenting Blueprint. Unlike reading a book or taking a parenting course, The Parenting Blueprint is a comprehensive parenting program that includes the training course as well as group coaching!


30 Min Onboard Parenting Blueprint Call

A jam backed private 1-1 session to get all the challenges and concerns about parenting out of your head and into a Plan. Where are you now and where do you want to be in 90 days?
We will be setting the goals for the transformation.


DISCovery Reports – 1 Adult and 1 Child or Teen

These personalized on-line personality assessments are packed full of helpful and practical information to help you to understand yourself and how to adapt to relate better to your child. 
Additional Assessments for other family members available.


Interaction Guide

This guide takes your two DISCovery Reports and creates a guide that will identify strengths in your relationship, potential struggles, and more specific strategies to reduce conflict. 
This Interaction Guide will be reviewed during one of our private coaching sessions as the foundation of your Parenting Blueprint.


1-1 Personal Assessment Review

We will have a 45-minute private 1-1 session to review your Discovery Report Assessment Interaction Guide. This Interaction Guide will be the foundation of your Parenting Blueprint.


The Parenting Blueprint Six-Module Self-Paced Course

You will have immediate access to The Parenting Blueprint course! Upon completion of each Module, you will develop an Action Plan to begin to apply the skills and strategies presented. The Action Plan will be discussed at our private 1-1 coaching session as you learn to Adapt and Apply the right strategies to Parent by Design.


6 Group Coaching Sessions

We will meet bi-weekly for 3 months to discuss progress towards your transformation. What is working, what is not working?
Learning how to Adapt our parenting will take time to get comfortable. As with any new habit we tend to slip back to our old ways. We will work together ensuring you are confident in applying the new parenting tools and strategies. The community approach will encourage you as we support one another to adapt our interactions and develop more positive relationship with our kids.


My Three and Me – A Journey in Parenting by Design - eBook

Utilizing personal stories of raising my “three,” I will share life stories along with “Tips and Insights” as to how to adapt your parenting style to meet the motivational/emotional needs of your children.


Question #1: There are other parenting programs out there. How can I be sure this will work for me?

I agree…  There are other parenting books, programs, and philosophies out there.   I found that the understanding of my kid’s personalities was a game changer.  It allowed me to “see life through their lens”, and to have empathy and understanding when parenting them.  It also helped me to adapt my parenting interactions and apply the most effective parenting strategies to reduce the conflict and maintain the relationship.

The Parenting Blueprint includes a self-paced Course, Assessments and Group Coaching.

People who want to truly see transformation work with a coach…

Personal Trainer, Business Coach, Mindset Coach…

You will have a Parent Coach to ensure the successful transformation of the most important relationships in your life.

Question #2: I’m not sure I will have time to complete a 90 day program?

I totally understand that concern.  We are all busy parents. The course modules and are self-paced, we suggest one module a week, grab a coffee or glass of glass of wine, you choose 🙂 and logon when you can.

You will be able join the bi-weekly group coaching sessions based on the 90-day program.

Question #3: What if my spouse/partner needs parenting help too?

If you are in a two parent household or co-parent it is very possible you will have different parenting styles.  We will cover this in the course.  Feel free to share what you learn with the other parent.  It’s not right or wrong, just different.  Parenting requires a united front, if not united kids will divide and conquer.

Question #4: What if I want private coaching?

Private coaching is available. In the training portal you will be able to click “Private Coaching” and decide what would work best for you.


What The Actual Clients Have To Say:

Sarwat’s Story

Kelly’s Story

Wisam’s Story


The Parenting Blueprint Toolkit

  • Identify personality traits based on Pace and Priority
  • ​Determine your personality/parenting style
  • ​Learn Your child’s personality
  • ​Learn the internal emotional needs based on personality – Control… Recognition… Appreciation… Perfection
  • ​Recognize disruptive behaviors when needs are not met